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Status Armor

How to remove rip away report links away from the top of Google's search results. Use the same tchniques that is most reputation administration companies utilize. Even Reputation Armor applies certain about these methods.

Difficulty: Challenging


Things You'll Need

Occasion Some small Funds Internet Connection

Suggest Edits

1 Buy all models of your name/company names website like (yourname).com, .net, .org, .info, .tv, .us, also much more. Install blogs or mini websites by way of keyword rich content on the sites. Make every website unique in content plus design.

2 Creating blog accounts also social networking accounts for you or your enterprise . Create dozens if not hundreds of these Web profiles; some of them will rank effectively on Google and maybe water down the negative facts just about you online plus support push down the rip off reports. Illustration websites: Linkedin, Facebook, wapr, hi5, 43things, also more.

3 Gain Paid blog reviews. Regardless regarding what any "seo corporation" says, paid blog submits and paid blog reviews are really effective and handy for SEO and Reputation treatment. I would personally reside away out of blogs that openly advertise they sell settled posts and evaluates. Google scowls upon paid blog posts and paid reviews, they think about It selling links and PR. Also try to vacation away away from blogs that have casinos, adult associated, illegal warez, and other objectionable material.

4 After you get all this new content made, you can need to do some SEO / SEM to the new information. Youw unwell need to use some off-site seo methods to help push the new information above the rip off reports or beef links. Backlinks (Backwards links) to your new info will aid a good deal. A backlink is merely another website linking to yours. This will help build link popularity and should push you up the serps.

Tips & Warnings

Use your company identify or the name that is needs help as usernames and blog names while creating accounts on public sites and blogs. Do not link to other internet site from your website it may weaken your ranking If you have trouble plus require help hire a reputation management organization prefer Reputation Armor. Carry out never add to a lot content too fast. Make it appear natural so Google does never catch on that is you are trying to manipulate search results.


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