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This article takes a slightly irreverant view about SEO by explaining the way in which to get to the bottom of Google's search results.

Trouble: Moderate


2 1. Planning your awful SEO campaign. SEO has nothing to do with web site design so depart all SEO considerations until the web site is live, especially this article. If your website is still function-in-improvement, next please return to read the rest of this later. A few months after you have finished admiring your new website, learnt the way to monitor the number of visitors to the website and discovered there aren't some, inquire your web site designer if they know anything about SEO. This may be the point you find that is the content administration system they have employed to style your site does never allow access to the source code also that your internet site cannot therefore be optimised for search. If your developer confirms they spent 2 weeks submitting your site manually to every search engine on the planet (also another day to numerous that aren't), therefore you can consider some breather, secure in the knowledge that you got off to a flying begin inside the contest to the base of the rankings.

5 4. Use lots of Flash content. Design your household page completely with dynamic Flash content to affect your visitors by your creative necromancy. In the past, Flash content was barely recognisable to Google but they have recently improved their ability to spider and index it. Yet don't be too discouraged with Google's progress. It still represents an invaluable chance to handicap your rankings. It yous important that it is the home page that yous Flash because that is page usually has the most inbound links and is therefore likely to contain the best ranking capability. If your home page is all Flash and takes 2 mins to load you may possibly even be able to 'kill 2 birds with some stone' because your visitors will grab bored also desert your site even previous to Google does.

6 5. Aim for 50% keyword density in your content. Cram because numerous keywords to your website's on page (i.e. noticeable) content as possible so that the search engines are left within no doubt about the theme of your site. The content may be rendered unintelligible to humans however this is just any essential compromise. If you are growing to have to alienate your visitors from purchase to satisfy the search engines, you might like well go the whole hog. You may possibly never own appreciated the reasons behind this practice with the past but you own seen it many times on web site that is characteristic terrible SEO, poor SEO, dreadful SEO, amateur search engine optimisation, awful SEO, (seo), SEO, terrible SEO, SEO, even worse SEO. Will this page soon rank properly to the term "terrible SEO" Would it be "terrific" SEO to rank number 1 for the term "terrible SEO" or a contradiction in terms?

7 6. Generate meta keywords labels over 735 characters. If you exercised self-restraint, out about consideration with your readers, with regard to cramming your web site's on page content full of unintelligible keyword gibberish, then you can revel in giving full expression to your search engine expertise here mainly because the content of this label is invisible to readers. Make certain you include about 100 keywords in the tag and repeat your top 5 keywords about 3 times each. If you are brief of keywords, then contain all feasible misspellings here. It is right now almost universally agreed that is Google disregards the keyword meta outline tag when determining rankings however, if your keyword repetition count is high adequate, you might just be victorious inside being categorized seeing that spam plus being penalised. Persistence pays, extremely undertake not give up until you hit rock bottom.

8 7. Ignore your meta outline tags. These tags do not directly affect rankings yet Google frequently extracts text from the content about your meta description tags to furnish the text which is displayed to your web site within Google's results pages. Since this content is off page, it remains invisible to all reader unless they are viewing the synopsis with your website that yous displayed on the search engine results pages. If you make enter text within your meta description tag, produce sure you have unpleasant content in it to minimise the prospect of surfers clicking on your link. Or better still, ignore the tag altogether. Google will likely oblige from arbitrarily extracting some random, indecorous and unappealing content from somewhere low down on your web page content to inclusion in your search results listing. Ignore this tag because playing Russian roulette by means of your marketing message is much more fun than having to deal with new business.

9 8. Waste your page titles. Page titles play some big role in determining rankings plus as a result offer you one regarding the greatest opportunities to waste. Bypass this opportunity and instead focus on making sure that (any stray) visitors who stumble upon your internet site feel welcome by presenting them by means of something prefer "Welcome to our residence page, we hope you like it and will visit us once again". Whatever you do, utilize up the area without including any about your most important keywords. If you accomplish contain keywords, place them at the closure of the sentence where they include less influence on rankings. If you cannot decide on what text to put in your page titles then follow the instance regarding many additional poor ranking websites by leaving yours empty as well. Never only will this prevent excellent rankings but whenever your site does look in the search results, nobody will know what your site is about mainly because the bare title tag will leave Google no choice but to insert certain other random text as the first line of your results listing.

10 9. Use frames on every page. Frames make it tricky for search engine spiders to follow your code and index your website. This is just one of the greatest suggestions to ensure the CEO will not be capable to find the results regarding final year's £30k marketing budget. The CEO will be doubly mad because he will never be capable to find his company card when he goes to appear increase the new website address on it. This will be because the business card will have to be made so wide to accommodate all the hyphens within the new catchy domain title that it will not in shape in his favourite typical size cardholder. You should now be sensing that is your website's fast descent inside oblivion is likely to be surpassed only by your own.

11 10. Link to harmful neighbourhoods. Your web site's rankings will be improved with the genuine acquisition over moment of lots about links from highly authoritative websites that are about some subject closely related to yours. A single way to negate this good effect remains by engaging with thousands of link exchange schemes by poor quality irrelevant websites. Buy lots of links away from sites that are not associated to yours nevertheless which might pass Google PageRank to yours. Read increase on the phrase 'bad area' and rapidly generate your way down to the nearest one.

12 11. Use cloaking, redirects and entrance pages. Cloaking refers to the practice of presenting various content or URLs to users plus search engines. Serving up various results based on owner agent may cause your website to be understood as false also removed from the Google index. Use JavaScript to hide redirects out of Googlebot. When Googlebot indexes a page containing JavaScript, it will index that is page but it cannot follow or index any links hidden in the JavaScript itself. Use regarding JavaScript yous any fully authentic web exercise. However, make use of of JavaScript with the intent to cheat search engines yous not. Doorway pages are typically large places of poor-quality pages where every page yous optimized for any express keyword or saying. In many cases, doorway pages are written to rank to a particular sentence and then funnel owners to any one destination. Read Google's guidelines so you are an expert on all the rules you are at this moment in regard to to flout.

13 12. Make your page URLs dynamic and complex. Some variable page URL with a page might look something like website" whereas the static equivalent might look something like website." Googlebot may spider and index variable URLs but usually does hence added slowly besides by way of static URLs. However, the genuine opportunity you can pass awake is to contain some tasty keywords inside your URL which not only help rankings but also click-through rate. There are some good software gear for converting dynamic page URLs to static page URLs but definitely dismiss these and move on to the subsequent and final killer approach for awful search engine rankings.

14 13. Duplicate all your content from additional web site. The search engines run filters on content they are indexing with the first duration to check for duplicate content. They undertake this accordingly they have the greatest possible chance of returning since many distinctive results to searchers as possible because this improves user experience. If it previously has 'your' content in its index since you have copied it out of other sites, you increase your chances of being omitted from the search results pages altogether. The sad issue is you might in no way uncover this also consequently be deprived of the joy of knowing that you actually surpassed your goals. You have done one particular far better than get the worst rankings. Your website does not appear on the rankings in all!

Tips & Cautions

Call for support. Don't attempt this on residence.


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