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Freescience.Net is one of the oldest internet domains dedicated to absolutely free exchange scientific knowledge, people, and resource for maximum synthetivity of human beings.

Free, here, also means no/little cost. It is a site for science for everyone with minimum cost of paying for copyrights. supports the pure scientific endeavor of the researchers. It warns researchers to become 'academic sportsmen' where competition and etra-compensation is the motiviation for performing science.

Why knowledge should not be patented, owned, or restricted by any one or group

Science requires freedom

Science works as networks

Science is not a belief system


Free Science Projects

Abolish Nobel Prize

Being alive means being free in information processing

Aren't you an academic sportsman?

Free Genomics: Genome information should be provided to the sample donors free of charge.



News links

Science is not democratic 20140804


Who runs petition banner

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